Management Services

The management services supplied are wholly dependent upon the client’s needs and requirements. We want you to concentrate on what you are good at whether that is playing football, playing golf, playing cricket or any form of professional sport.

We have the expertise to enable you to invest as much or as little of your time purely in the field of sporting excellence. You may wish us to support in one or all of the following areas. We take care of contract negotiations, career development, public relations and media support, image rights and marketing, vocational planning and lifestyle support and coaching.

Bravo Bravo Sport Management Agency tailor the service they offer based upon full consultation and jointly agreed objectives treating and respecting all clients as individuals. Brief details of these services are below; please feel free to contact us for more information.

Contract Negotiations

Using our extensive knowledge and experience of the industry, we are able to negotiate (and renegotiate) rewarding contracts for our clients.

Through honesty, integrity and professionalism we aim to maximise your earning potential, assisting you at every stage in your career.

Career Development

Bravo Bravo Sport Management Agency strive for long term partnerships with their clients and therefore support in planning and setting objectives to meet the clients short, medium and long term goals.

Image Rights & Marketing

Image rights have in recent years become more and more important.

Bravo Bravo Sport Management Agency will identify the markets in which their clients are best positioned for income and reputation enhancement and target endorsements and sponsorship in full consultation with their clients.

Public / Media Relations

Bravo Bravo Sport Management Agency are media trained.

This enables us to ensure that clients are positioned favourably in the media and are role models for their peers and fans. We also identify local community events for our clients to attend to raise your profile and maximise marketing opportunities.

Financial Planning

We have built an excellent network of experts who provide specialist advice on all aspects of our players’ finances.

They are vastly experienced in dealing with the unique requirements of sports professionals and provide tailored wealth management for each player’s unique circumstances. This comprises of:

Banking & Cash Management – Loan Facilities – Investment Management – Tax Efficiency Planning

Importantly, our advisers provide a high level of personal service, understanding, security and trust. We maintain regular contact with them in the knowledge that, as a career progresses, a players’ needs and aspirations also change. Wealth management strategies are therefore reviewed frequently to ensure they remain appropriate, from early playing days, throughout a player’s career, to retirement and beyond.

Vocational Planning

Sporting careers can be relatively short. Bravo Bravo Sport Management Agency offer vocational planning for when a sports career is over. 

This includes identifying and supporting further education and training. They can also arrange work placements to establish whether or not a future career in certain industries would be of interest to the client.

Lifestyle Management

For any professional sportsperson the more time they can focus purely on what they do on the football pitch, golf course, boxing ring or tennis court the better. 

Bravo Bravo Sport Management Agency offer support in the day to day matters from arranging a mortgage to purchasing new & used prestige cars. As with all of our services this is arranged totally to the client’s requirements.

Bravo Bravo Sport Management Agency act as confidants which enable their clients to make good, positive and sensible life decisions. This is especially important now as we live in an age where negative media can have a hugely negative impact on a client and their livelihood.