A solution to protect wealth, income and assets for clients.

We have an innovative solution designed to address the fundamental concerns of successful high earners and high net-worth clients.

The scheme attracts a guarantee of immunity from attacks by the UK Tax Authorities.

A unique scheme designed to help the high earners protect their wealth, now and in the future.

This is a total legal tax shelter. If your clients meet the required criteria, the benefits include:

  • No Capital Gains Tax on Assets (within the scheme)
  • No Corporations Tax
  • No tax on Dividend Income
  • No Income Tax
  • No tax on Rental Income
  • No Inheritance Tax – (Assets passed to chosen Beneficiary in full)
  • No Lifetime Limit – (Unlike UK pension schemes)
  • No compulsory purchase of Annuity or Alternative Secured Pension (ASP)
  • No limit on Contributions
  • No Higher Rate Tax
  • Divorce Protection
  • No limit on Benefits
  • No 10 year tax charge (as with the majority of family trusts)
  • Low retirement age for certain professions commencing at age 35
  • Option to borrow from the fund to purchase further Assets

The Complete Tax Shelter is the solution to all penal taxes challenging high earners and high net-worth individuals.